Monday, February 25, 2013

Kmart Haul! 2/25/13

I really wanted to kick my blog off with a skin care post, but I just had to share a makeup haul that I purchased today! If you're near a Kmart, they're having this fantastic makeup sale. There are bins and bins of deeply discounted cosmetics! I had to restrain myself from going crazy and I'm very happy with my small, but fun, haul! Swatches at the bottom!

  • NYC liquid concealer in 787 "Medium"
  • Rimmel Clean Finish foundation in "True Ivory"
  • NYC "Queens Boulevard" eyeshadow palette
  • elf Eyeliner & Shadow stick in "Moss"
  • Milani Crystal Gloss in "Pretty Plush"
  • Milani Crystal Gloss in "Fruit Punch"
  • Milani Crystal Gloss in"Pucker Up"

Can you see the prices on some of these things??? Those Milani Crystal glosses were only 41 cents each! The elf eyeliner was 29 cents, the NYC concealer and eyeshadow palette were $1.00 and the most expensive purchase was the Rimmel foundation at $1.50. Not a bad score, if I do say so myself!

I remember loving that Rimmel foundation years ago, getting bored with it and giving it to my sister. LOL I'm glad to have another one. I'm a little bummed that I bought the concealer in "Medium", as I thought I'd picked up the light shade, but I can still find some use for it. Check out these swatches of the rest!

I have a pasty white arm, so the swatches I do will usually be pretty vivid and color-true! I'm a bit disappointed in the color of that elf duo. I was hoping for more of a true green, but it's more of a grayish khaki green. I'll still use it. =) The Milani glosses are awesome and so intense! I can definitely see myself reaching for that Pretty Plush shade often! I don't want to scare anyone, but they were actually really hard wipe off too. LOL My arm is actually still stained a bit from the two brighter shades. The NYC palette is also okay. Not much color payoff, but I didn't expect much either. It's just a fun little compact to play around with.

I'll post a FOTD soon when I've tried everything! I'm off to play! =)

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